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Charming Chocolates launches a brand new musthave: Couture for dachshunds!

Those who have dachshunds know that they prefer to look for a warm spot. No blanket or pillow is safe, they love to crawl underneath it. On the colde days of the year, these kind of places are more favorite than ever. Charming Couture has developed a wonderful solution for this: sleeping bags for dachshunds! 

Our handmad sleeping bags are lined for extra sort comfort, anti-static and available in beuatiful colors and patterns for hours of comfortable snoozing... Perfect for in their dog beds, crates or on the sofa, but also very handy for traveling! Would you like more information or place an order?

Check out our brand new website: www.charmingcouture.nl

How to protect your dachshund from cold weather?

When the days grow shorter and the temperature drops, the dachshunds with their bodies close to the ground are vulnerable to the cold weather. My experience is that especially the smooth-haired doxies are having trouble with the cold, but the wire-haired or long-haired doxies can be sensitive too. A warm coat

might be the solution, but the regular dog coats don't fit them, due to their long backs and big chests. 


Charming Chocolates has the solution: handmade dachshund coats, tailored to fit perfectly! 


'Couture' says it all: the design and production of fashionable clothing, fully tailored to the wishes and measurements of the client. Each order will have their unique sewing pattern made, which will be converted to the desired fabrics. This way, your dachshund will have the best fitting coat for it's body.


By using soft fleece as inner lining and beautiful high quality materials for the outside part of the coat, the coat itself isn't just fit for function, but also a great piece of eye candy. All outer fabrics contain a percentage of wool which conservates the body heat and naturally works water repellent. In case the coat does get wet, the wool keeps on generating heat to maintain your dachshunds temperature. Beside these benefits, wool is very comfortable to wear due to the breathable texture of the wool fibres, it works dirt repellent due to the naturally present wool fat and wool fabrics tend to have a longer life than other fabrics. All coats can be machine washed 30 degrees (wool program!), but do not add  fabric softener and do not use the dryer.


Coat options


All coats are sewed by hand in my own workshop, so it's handmade and homemade! This allows the various sizes and wishes for colors to be easily passed on and processed to your own preference. Especially for this season fashionable, refined and sturdy fabrics have been purchased. In addition, the costs can remain limited due to own production. Although Charming Couture focuses on the unusual sizes of the dachshunds, coats can be made for other breeds as well. 

Do you have special wishes? A matching scarf for you as an owner in the same fabric as the coat is also one of the many possibilities.


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You could also contact us at our brand new website: www.charmingcouture.nl

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Christmas edition
Wood slices pattern with ocher lining
Wood slices pattern with red lining
Wood slices pattern with dark brown lining
City Jungle pattern with dark green lining
Green cable design with light grey lining
Ocher cable design with dark grey lining


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